#YesAllWomen and Game of Thrones


In the midst of this ‪#‎YesAllWomen‬ event, I wanted to tell everyone why I stopped watching Game of Thrones in the middle of the first season. It had nothing to do with not liking the story or the acting, both were excellent. It has nothing to do with some sort of jealousy for an author’s work making it big; my book hasn’t been released yet, so how could I possibly be jealous of another’s work when mine hasn’t even had a chance to shine?

The reason I stopped watching was, quite frankly, the objectification of women in every single episode. I’m no prude, and those of you who know me well can attest to that. I also realize there are plenty of strong women in the series, and in fact they were some of my favorite characters. But to me, every time I saw Arya growing into a strong young woman I was reminded not a few scenes later that women had breasts. Every time Daenerys found an inner strength to make her way in the world I was reminded shortly thereafter that she, too, had breasts. It annoyed me.

I know the series is great, and I understand why people watch it. That’s fine. But for me, I needed to see women being strong without resorting to flashing their mammary glands on the screen every other scene. I just wish that there could be more shows that had women who didn’t feel the need to resort to sex to make them feel powerful. With all the ridiculous messages that tell women their value is found in what they wear, what moves they can do in the bedroom, and how small of a waist they can maintain or how large their breasts need to be, I just felt that GoT did nothing to help dissemble these stereotypes. And so I stopped watching.

Speaking of strong women, I hear Buffy calling me. See ya later.

Until Death is Defeated,