Influences: The Musical

When I was trying to write “Immolation” I had no ideas. Less than zero. I’m talking ideas were so unavailable I often thought about retyping a novel I liked and changing it a little bit, hoping no one would notice. And then, I heard this song and the spark came.

There was something about this song that spoke to me. Sure, the music is amazing and brutal, but the story within was, I believe, Lydia’s first attempt at getting out of my head and onto paper. The lyrics tell of a girl who has lived a life of pain and torment, regretting everything, and as she is about to be destroyed by her own demons she cries out “to the God she used to know”. That was powerful, and I knew that I wanted to tell a story of a girl who fought to overcome the darkness both outside of her and within her. I hope, when you read the book, that you will agree that I’ve accomplished this. And I also hope that, when you read the book, it will help you conquer your own demons.

Until Death is Defeated,